The Essential Guide to
Mountain and Trials Unicycling
By Kris Holm

[T]his book is intriguing whether you're a serious unicyclist or simply want a fun diversion alongside your major sport.

Lynn Hill (Climber)

Kris' book inspires me to get out and ride!

Irene Genelin (2010 XC Muni World Champion)

This book offers a rare gift — the direct transmission of experiential wisdom from a master

Ryan Leech (Professional Bike Trials Rider and Integral Coach)

[This book] reveals a sport far more diverse and accessible than is immediately apparent ...

Michael Kennedy (Editor-in-Chief, Alpinist Magazine)

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Mountain Unicycling

Mountain unicycling ("muni") involves riding over any kind of rough terrain, from easy gravel paths and dirt roads to technical climbs and steep descents. Although at first intimidating, it is surprisingly easy to get started. In fact, if you can ride down the street, you already have the skills to start mountain unicycling.

As you read through the Mountain Unicycling chapter you will find basic techniques for riding off-road as well as more advanced skills for climbing and descending rough, slippery, and steep terrain. You will also learn ways to adapt these skills to your personal goals, whether these include riding the most difficult terrain you can find, traveling fast and efficiently over longer distances, or going for a casual spin on local trails.

Trials Unicycling

The object of unicycle trials is to ride over obstacles. From urban features to rocks and logs, unicycle trials can be done almost anywhere. The challenge is technical — you’re trying to get from the start to the finish of a section or sequence of obstacles without falling off.

Within the Trials chapter you will find techniques for hopping, gapping, dropping, pedal grabs, still stands, and riding balance lines. For riders who are not trials specialists, you will find ways to adapt these techniques to improve your technical mountain unicycling skills.

About Kris Holm

Kris Holm is one of the early mountain and trials unicycling pioneers and is the founder of competitive unicycle trials. He was one of the first riders to bring mountain unicycling to a mainstream audience through film, television, and magazine features, and plays a key role in the innovation of modern unicycling equipment through his brand, Kris Holm Unicycles. Kris’ main interest is independent, exploratory riding, which has taken him down mountains in North and South America, across remote regions in Bhutan and Mongolia, and through the beautiful trails closer to his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Book Preview

The First Edition of the Essential Guide to Mountain and Trails Unicycling features a full colour layout finished in perfect bound softcover. The 174 pages are filled with some of the best unicycle photography to date, complimenting the extensive knowledge of the sport found between the covers.

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Gradient Press Media Release

Posted on 11 March 2012 | 7:16 pm


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Mountain and trials unicycling are the remarkable sports of riding offroad on a single wheel. dwelling in obscurity through the 1980’s and 1990’s, thousands of unicyclists worldwide have now discovered that you can ride the same terrain as mountain bikers, from gravel paths and urban obstacles to challenging singletrack.

Kris’ new book, The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling, will go a long way towards opening this rare sport to a wider audience. With stories, instruction, and photos from adventures as far reaching as Mongolia and Bolivia, Kris’ book reveals something that the sport’s aficionados already know: mountain unicycling is a fascinating and affordable sport for anyone from serious athletes to casual weekend adventurers. Michael Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief of Alpinist Magazine, agrees. “The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling reveals a sport far more diverse and accessible than is immediately apparent, and celebrates the adventurous spirit shared by climbers, skiers, hikers and all who love being in the mountains.”

Continued …

Click here to download the full media release

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